5 Best Ways to Collect Emails + Email Collection Benefits

Do you want to collect emails to increase your list of email marketing subscribers?

The creation of campaign to collect emails is an essential part of marketing on the internet. The creation of emails for emails is one of the most efficient ways to strengthen customer relationships and increase your company’s revenue!

In this article, we’ll examine the Best Ways to Collect Emails. We’ll also offer you some different methods to gather emails quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Collecting Emails

Marketing via email is one of the most efficient marketing strategies in every country. The ROI of the use of email marketing is about $42 for every $1 invested.

Why is it that the marketing via email work so effectively? Here are only a handful of the reasons for why many businesses choose to collect emails and then send emails to market their customers:

  • 99percent of users of email go through their emails every day
  • 58 percent of users who go to their email first thing in the morning before they check even checking their news or social media.
  • 61 percent of customers prefer to be contact by brands via email
  • Personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates
  • Professional marketers have reported an increase of 760% in income by collecting emails and then sending marketing emails to their clients

It is evident that email marketing is an effective marketing strategy to begin by as well as work on as you can. you can.

5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Works

There are a few statistics regarding email marketing, and you are aware of its effectiveness. But what is the reason why is it so efficient? Here are five reasons marketing via email works.

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1. Email is Personal

Personalization in your marketing communications to your subscribers is an important step in the right direction. It gives your messages a totally different feeling as if you’re personally making an effort to reach out to your customers.

Email is Personal

2. Users Prefer Emails to Other Media for Businesses

Users Prefer Emails to Other Media for Businesses

Although a variety of new technologies for messaging have been developed, many people prefer email for business communications.

In reality 61 percent of consumers prefer being approached by companies through email rather than any other medium!

3. Email is Targeted

Emails are highly effective since you can send specific messages to specific groups of your customers. You can effectively group your customers according to their responses to your emails or other activities (like clicking or page visits) on your website, and other filters that allow you to send them relevant offers.

The process of grouping your customers in mail lists is known as segmentation.

Email is Targeted

You can discover this option in all email marketing programs you would like to utilize.

4. You Own Your Email List

A list of email addresses is frequently compared to an number of users on popular social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram however there’s a vast distinction.

The list of your followers on social media users just like you have in the case of your mail list. The manner in which you can contact your social media users can alter with modifications in the policies of the platforms.

You control your mail list. A mailing list gives you that you will have access to the mailbox of hundreds of users, if not until they cease using the email address or opt-out.

5. Emails Help More Subscribers Become Customers

Each of the above reasons all contribute to your conversion rates. As we have mentioned earlier in this piece, return on investment of marketing via email is approximately $42 per dollar spent. It is true that email marketing converts better than other channels for marketing!

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How to Collect Emails Easily

Now you know you have a good understanding of why you should be collecting emails, let’s look at ways to get emails.

1. Add a Simple Subscription Form to Your Website

Subscription forms allow your visitors to sign up for your blog by entering their email address. The sidebar is the perfect place to add your subscribe form however you can include it in the header, footer or even within the content of your pages.

In the event that your website is built on WordPress, we recommend the WPForms plugin to create an online form for signing up to a subscription. It’s incredibly simple for you to utilize and you can begin with no cost! WPForms can assist you build email signup forms and place them wherever like the example in the header of your website:

Add a Simple Subscription Form to Your Website

2. Add a Popup Email Opt-in

Making use of pop-ups to collect emails is the best method of building your mailer list rapidly. They are the most effective method to get your viewers to pay focus!

Add a Popup Email Opt-in

For integrating pop-ups and opt-in forms for email on WordPress, we recommend OptinMonster. It’s the most well-known lead generation tool in on the marketplace!

OptinMonster has numerous of impressive features you can integrate into your website as well as your pop-ups in order to boost conversions. Utilize countdown timers, spin-to win coupons, pop-ups with full screen slides-in popups and more.

3. Use an Exit-Intent Popup

A pop-up with an exit intent is an additional one of OptinMonster’s features. It’s activated by your users’ mouse movement. If they suddenly shift their mouse towards their back buttons in the web browser of their choice, a pop-up will appear.

Use an Exit-Intent Popup

This is an amazing way to gather emails since it draws the attention of people just as they are getting ready to go home. Instead of an exit or bounce, you get an email address! Of of course, you need to create compelling reasons why the user should provide you the email of their choice like an offer coupon or content offer.

4. Create Downloadable Assets

Do you have specific pages that draw in more traffic than other pages? Consider what you might be able offer on the sites in order to get email addresses.

For example If you have an online article about how to fix a leaky faucet, and it is highly ranked in Google and pulls in an enormous amount of visitors, you could create a basic home-based guide to skills that is free to download from the webpage in the exchange of an email address.

Create Downloadable Assets

5. Run a Giveaway

The idea of running a giveaway is another great method to gather email addresses, increase more followers on social networks, and so on. With giveaway tools such as RafflePress, you can easily create and run giveaways that have a custom way to participate.

Run a Giveaway

Do you want to find more ideas on how to increase your mailer list? Take a look out our entire guide on how to increase your mailing list.

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That’s it!

It is our hope that our article has helped you make the decision to collect email addresses, and also gave you some ideas on ways to start.

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