What is GPRS Full Form? What is GPRS?

What is GPRS Full Form? What is GPRS?

In this article I will tell you what is the full form of GPRS? And what is GPRS? What are the advantages of GPRS? And what are the main features of GPRS along with what is the full form of GPRS ? Along with this I will also tell you the history of GPRS.

Today technology is almost everywhere in the world. It has played its important contribution in many fields today. Today everyone knows what is 3G, 4G or 2G network. After some time the era of 5G will also come. There was a time where there was only 2G network and at that time GPRS technology was used. It was linked to the term GPRS GSM.

We all know that we used to use GSM SIM earlier. This GSM gradually changed to GPRS. Slowly people started benefiting a lot from GPS. Where earlier the internet used to run slowly and later this internet started running fast. Today everyone can use GPRS while sitting at any place. For this, access is now being given through the Internet.

What is the full form of GPRS?

  • General packet radio service. This is the full form of GPRS. GPRS stands for, a service that works to transmit any data by radio waves and is known as GPS.
  • It is a global system which is a part of Mobile Communication Internet Protocol. In this, the person has to be online and is allowed to make voice calls, but it requires internet.
  • It is made up of a system of time division multiple access. Which can be availed by username. It is provided by Packet Radio Express. 2G 3G 4G services are made available to run it.

GPRS Full Form

The full form of GPRSis also “General Packet Radio Service”.

What is GPRS?

GPRS is a network that works wirelessly. If we want to explain this, then there is a service through which a person can transmit radio waves from mobile and computer. The mobile inside it is used only for making voice calls and is used for listening.

This process is possible only by GSM, but when the internet gradually developed, it started working on GPS technology internet data. Later the person could run GPRS through the Internet.

What are the advantages of GPRS?

Today many people are not aware about GPRS and its benefits. GPRS has many advantages

  • Its advantage is that we have been given internet facility to run it. Earlier data could not be accessed by GPS but since the birth of GPRS data can be accessed easily.
  • GPRS has now come as a fast technology. The old Wireless Application Protocol and Regular GSM service have been accelerated within GPRS.
  • The cost of GPRS system is very less. One can talk to it regularly and it is also cheap.
  • Another big advantage of GPRS is that wherever you are in the location, you will get signal there. The person can use the Internet at the same place where he is and can also give wireless access to GPRS through the Internet. This will require a mobile network.
  • An advantage of the GPRS system is that if you are making a call, your call cannot be blocked by the GSM network.

What are the main features of GPRS?

GPRS has been developed with a good technology, high speed 384 Kbps has been used inside it and which was later made 1 Mbps. Some features have been put inside it. Let’s know:-

  • Messages can be received quickly via GPRS
  • S.M.S. facility
  • Wireless application protocol facility
  • Daily internet access.
  • Instant messaging facility
  • Push-to-talk over caller
  • Point to point facility

What is the history of GPRS?

  1. Knowing about GPRS history is very important because GPRS used to work as GPS technology earlier. So gradually its network was connected to the Internet IP. After that it came to be known as GPRS.
  2. GPS was discovered by Bernd Hard Valke and his student Peter Dekker. Both of them had the same objective that to bring internet revolution in the world. GPRS was certified by the European company ETSI.
  3. In the year 2000, a company of TECHNOLGY came. Whose name was EGD, which could upgrade to GPRS. After its upgradation, where did it go to GPRS? As soon as it was upgraded.
  4. There was a big difference in its speed and its speed went up to 384 Kbps second. Later this speed was increased further and was reduced to 1 MB second.
  5. In 2003, GPRS was introduced as a modern low connection in analog wireless telephone networks that ranged from 32 to 40 kbps. It was made just like a phone. Gradually people started needing it and many changes were made in GPRS.
  6. Today it is very important in many areas and internet has been added to operate it so that people do not have to face any kind of trouble. Today we can use GPRS standing in any area.


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