8 Reasons Why Your Blog On a Free Web Hosting is Bad For You

There are a variety of reasons you should not host your blog on free hosting is not a good idea. In this post I will be discussing all you need to learn about it.

Do you want to start your own blog? Do you not want to pay an ounce on web hosting? There’s a good thing that you can avail a number of web hosting services that are free.

However I’ve got one piece of bad newsYou shouldn’t choose the option of hosting your site with an unpaid web hosting service.


Before I get to this, let me go over a few other points…

What is Free Web Hosting?

If you host your site free of charge on a Web server, you are referring to the free web hosting service.

If you’re using a hosting service which claims to offer no cost webhosting, you should be aware of several red flags.

Why Should You Even Care About Your Hosting Provider?

In the beginning, it’s just fair to consider the costs associated with the hosting service provider.

It is recommended to consider looking beyond the cost. In the end, your blog as well as the content along with the direction of the blog, will be influenced by the hosting service you select.

Thus, I’d suggest that it’s crucial to consider the host provider.

In the context in this post, no-cost internet hosts are not helpful to you. Let’s explore the reasons.

Downsides of Using a Free Web Host

It is vital to know that there are a variety of web hosting services that are free. These include:

  • A no-cost website
  • The Blogger blog can be hosted using Blogger.
  • Hosting static pages on GitHub pages
  • Free web hosting services from third-party providers.

All of the reasons listed below apply to mostly third-party web hosting providers.

1. Reliability

Webhosting providers that are free boast of their availability and uptime. It’s unlikely that you’d be aware of it until you start.

However, if you continue making use of their platform and setup an uptime monitor You will soon be realizing that the downtime is higher than you thought. This could affect leads and conversions when you want to earn money from your blog.

Even if you’re not earning any money, visitors may not return to your site when it doesn’t load when they try accessing it.

However, the problem isn’t over It is possible to wake up in the morning and discover that your site doesn’t exist. You won’t be able to get any backup solutions that are robust from your hosting service provider to repair it.

2. Performance

There is always that one aspect that all free hosting providers do not offer, i.e., performance.

The more responsive your website is has, the better your user experience. With a great user experience, you’ll get greater engagement from your readers . This will help you create leads or to promote your blog to their network of friends.

If your website doesn’t respond quickly, users will leave to look for an alternative source and then stop going to your blog.

Since you don’t pay for resources, free internet hosts make concessions. In general, the servers are not well-designed and are not able to handle any modern site with many active elements.

The performance impact of free web hosting is visible, it is important to check the performance of your site to determine yourself.

3. Security

With the increase of cyberattacks security for websites is more vital more than ever.

However, you might not get basic security measures for your account, such as two-factor Authentication (2FA) when you use the free web hosting.

If you are given the standard security features and they don’t manage the server stack to ensure the best secure environment for your site. Therefore, it doesn’t help to make things more secure.

In this case the server could be running indefinitely on the earlier PHP version.

In any case the webmasters may not do security audits on their back-ends to make sure the web servers are not affected.

No matter if your website handles any sensitive data, any security breach can result in the destruction the blog’s functionality in some way. Thus it is essential to have a secure internet server is essential for any blog.

4. Staying True to Their Promises (Not Really!)

The free web hosting providers make numerous promises that sound too promising to be true. It’s an service you don’t have to purchase. In fact, they must earn some money and get more customers.

A majority of the features offered can be attributed to specific conditions or are not available in any way.

Of course, marketing tricks aren’t just restricted to web hosting services that are free and some well-known firms use it. If a reputable firm makes a false claim it is held accountable for their actions and could apologize to their clients.

However, many web hosts that are free are not even in existence. They might even go off the web, and you can’t change anything about it.

It is therefore reasonable to conclude that they will not be in line with their promises.

5. Privacy

There may be occasions when you upload documents or other important sources to your server (related to your website , or any other thing).

When you have a good web host which you pay for their services in exchange for a fee, they rarely access your site unless it is necessary to solve an issue. They also are equipped with a sophisticated accessibility control program that allows companies to make employees accountable for what they have access to and for what they access it.

Regarding a free web host, any employee can access and configure/access/delete your file whenever they want. They do not enforce any proper regulations to stop this from occurring. Therefore, you shouldn’t think that any information you store stored on their servers to be totally private.

6. Hidden Charges

A few free services will often restrict the use of resources once you have started using their website server. They may also ask for payment to remove the restrictions.

It’s only fair that they are charged for their services However, in these instances they do not tell you of any hidden costs in advance. It is a false impression that it’s an absolutely free service.

7. Lack of Control

When compared to paid shared hosting, you don’t have the full control for managing your website. You’ll need to limit your options to a couple of options when you set up your website.

In fact, you might not find an possibility to download WordPress.

It will vary based on the provider, but generally speaking, you don’t have the ability to manage the web server.

8. Poor Support

Accidents can happen to any hosting company. It is important to have quick customer support and the ability to offer rapid resolutions.

If there is a problem with your web hosting service you’ll have to wait indefinitely for their response or to solve the issue. Some providers do not provide support channels. Therefore, you are unable to get in touch with them at all.

How to Get Around the Downsides?

To avoid the difficulties of using the hassles of a free website host it is possible to choose affordable web hosting options. With a modest investment you’ll be able to accomplish many more things when it comes to your site than any hosting service that is free.

We suggest choosing affordable web hosting companies with a an excellent name and reliability. is comparable to with the standard of industry.

A few of our suggestions include:

#1. iPage

iPage is among the hosting companies with the lowest prices beginning at $1.99/month.

If you’re looking to have all the features you need with excellent customer service, iPage can be a ideal choice. They also offer a WordPress hosting service if you’re in need of it.

#2. Hostgator

Hostgator is an excellent choice for all kinds of websites. No matter if your website requires a small amount of resources or an entirely specific server for the near future, Hostgator has got you covered.

It’s a little higher than iPage and offers different hosting options if you need to expand. You also have flexible billing plans that allow you can purchase the service for either one month or for six months.

If you look at the image in the above image, Hostgator offers aggressive discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Therefore, you might be able to delay it in case you’re looking for it low prices.

It’s also among the most effective reselling hosting platforms to run your business.

#3. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks offers itself as a green hosting service that strives to be carbon-neutral while operating its server.

You get shared hosting options, WooCommerce-optimized plans, and virtual private servers as well. Alongside the competitive prices, you will get all the necessary features as well as a good level of customer service. Although it might maybe not be the most well-known hosted hosting provider however it’s an attractive option for many.

#4. A2Hosting

A2Hosting is a favored recommendation that provides a variety of hosting options. Starting with shared hosting and moving up to servers that are dedicated, you’ll have options suitable for novices and well-known websites.

They strive to offer powerful servers for a reasonable price. It is worth giving them a shot.

A Good Web Host Saves Time and Helps You Improve the Blog
I’m sure you’ve considered the reasons you want to start using a no-cost web hosting service. However, you’ll be wasting time dealing with the problems associated with it.

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